About Us. 

West Coast Heli Services and West Coast Heli Scene are family owned and operated.

Operating in association with Pilbara Helicopters we take great pride in our efficient, affordable and reliable services. 

With extensive experience in all aerial operations we can provide you with the solutions you need for whatever project is at hand.

All our operations are conducted with the utmost compliance to CASA safety regulations.

We are fully licensed and insured.

West Coast Heli Scene

We started West Coast Heli Scene in 2016 with the aim to provide an affordable alternative to the many aerial helicopter operations required in Western Australia. 

West Coast Heli Scene provides scenic flights from the Yanchep National Park, Marriage Proposal flights, Wedding Entrances and special event joy flights.

As a small family business we are very 'hands on' this enables us to provide our customers with the best friendly and relaxed service while still maintaining our very high standards of safety. We always strive to ensure that each and every client is treated like a friend.

Operating every Sunday (as long as weather permits) we have taken over 500 scenic flights putting smiles on over 1500 faces. 

For all our Scenic Flight information please follow this link

West Coast Heli Services

West Coast Heli Services now takes care of our aerial operations work.

This has included...


Aerial photography (Scenic as well as during sporting events),

Live streaming of events,

Shark Patrol during ocean events,

Fire Mitigation assessment,

Property/Station viewing,

Geological survey,

Environmental assessment,              

Scientific thermal imagery assessment,  

Native flora and fauna assessment,          

Indigenous site and artefact assessment,

Feral animal location and assessment,      

Feral animal Culling,                  

Control of diseased and injured animals etc etc....


We aim to provide you with a better and more efficient service for a better price.

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