Aerial Helicopter Services

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Aerial Photography

The Robinson R44 provides the most cost effective helicopter aerial platform for all your photographic and filming requirements.

With removable doors there are no obstructions to your viewing area.

Frost Protection

We can now offer Frost Protection flights to protect your valuable crops from costly frost damage. 

Flights conducted at first light over your orchard or vegetable crops provide a warm downdraught of air that circulates through your trees/plants effectively preventing the damage caused by a severe frost.

Specialised Operations

Need an aerial Shark Watch for your next event in the water? Perhaps your an Insurance Assessor needing a birds eye view for a claim?

We can provide aerial support for any number of activities you may be working on.

Aerial Survey & Assessments 

Do you need your research team to cover a large area in a short space of time?

Inspect and assess multiple areas on the ground as well as from the air from our Robinson R44.

Animal Control

Feral animals are a big problem for farmers of agriculture and crops alike costing Australia over $100 million dollars a year in land degradation,  stock losses as well as fouling water courses, transporting invasive weeds and the killing of native fauna species. We provide aerial animal control throughout Western Australia, effectively, economically and humanely.

Events & Promotions

Weather you need to transport VIP clients or staff members from A - B or you want to provide your visitors to your next event with helicopter joy flights we can assist you in a fuss free and cost effective manner.